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Allow your intention to come to fruition. This line of 12 carefully curated candles is sure to aid in all of your deepest thoughts and desires. 


Each candle is accented with a colorful agate slice, fire quartz tumbled stone, moon charm, golden filigree, and also irridescent crystal chips. 


Also available individually at $27.99 each


Enjoy the following: 


Sacred Alignment- A blissfully herbal blend of palo santo and patchouli

Protection- A succulent blend of sandalwood, moss, violent, and lemon

Trust Your Intuition- A bright citrus blend of bergamot & lemon zest

Peace & Clarity- An awakening blend of sweet cactus blossoms

Release- Warming notes of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom

Wealth- A bright & airy citrus basil blend

Manifest It- A clean crisp blend of citrus & white sage 

Abundance & Prosperity- A bright blend of lemon zest & vibrant mint leaf 

Love & Womb- Bright peony, vanilla, and citrus 

Divine Guidance- Sweet Summer pineapple and crisp greenery

Gratitude- A soothing blend of musk, vetiver, currant, and pine

Healing In Progress- A sultry blend of tobacco and creamy caramel

12 Piece Intention Candle Set


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