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Protection INTENTION This candle has been programmed with intentions of helping you manifest protection. Protection may be sought for various reasons. Perhaps someone is causing you issues in the workplace, or you feel that there are higher powers at work against you.  As always, intentions set forth with positivity and action behind them are how things shift in the universe for you. 

Enjoy this beautiful Goddess candle scented with a succulent blend of sandalwood, moss, violet, and lemon, Topped with a purple agate slice, golden moon crescent charm, fire & ice quartz crystal, and iridescent gems. 


MANIFEST: Protection: Seek out protection from negativity.  Clear any blockages in your path causing you issues.  When the candle is done,the keepsakes adorned on top have been  supercharged with your intention.  Keep it on your altar or carry it with you as a totem reminding you of your intentions.


Suggested Use: 

Create a sacred space with a prayer to your guides or deity. Carefully light the candle while speaking your intention outloud. Visualize your intention through meditation and sit to observe the flame.  Leave the candle burning for a minimum of one hour, making sure to never leave it unattended. As always, manifestation requires action. This candle is set with pure love to help you engage into a meditative state to see the areas where you can focus to improve these aspects of your life. Always remember YOU are the magic 


Protection- Intention Candle


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