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Enjoy our new Aura Sprays!


These 2 oz glass bottles are filled with  intention and crystals, these sprays have a multitude of uses. 

Use them to scent your room when you are needing to bring harmony into a space. 

Sit at your meditation table and set your intention.

Spray your yoga mat, your body, gym bag, linens, or anything you like to bring in welcoming wishes and release any negative energy and/or scents. 

Speak your affirmations of cleansing, protection, and positivity when utilizing these sprays. 


Pick from the following: 


Love & Abundance

Rose Quartz 

Chakras-Heart, Higher Heart

Great to assist in self love, relationships, and personal development in any areas of life 

Scent Profile- A gentle sweet floral & citrus combination 





Crystal-Clear Quartz 

Chakras: All

Great to aid in goal setting, new journeys, and opening new pathways 

Scent Profile- A  bright clean citrus  accented with crisp cypress 




Crystal- Black tourmaline 

Chakras: Root

Great to aid in personal protection and warding off any negative energies

Scent Profile-  Woodsy scents of cinnamon, sandalwood, and vanilla





Chakras- Heart & Throat 

Great for meditation, deep sleep, lucid dreaming

Scent Profile- Soft Lavender and sweet vanilla 





Chakras: Third Eye, Crown

Great for help with setting boundaries and releasing negative energies 

Scent Profile- Herbaceous earthy scents of sandalwood, palo santo, and floral 





Aura Spray

  • Vodka, purified water, assorted crystals, leucidal liquid (radish preservative) asstd crystals, asstd essential oils 

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