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Dia De Los Muertos scent is a blend of chocolate, star anise, cinnamon, and white tea to achieve an authentic Mexican hot chocolate scent.


I picked a white base accented with a swirl of  pink and yellow because the use of these colors in Dia De Los Muertos celebrations have meanings that I resonated with. 


Yellow – Represents the sun and unity, because under the sun, we’re all the same.


White – Using this color in decorations represents spirit, hope and purity.


Pink – The bubbly color signifies happiness and appreciation for the role our passed loved ones played in our lives.


Each candle is accented with an multi color turquoise skulls, titanium aura coated quartz points, a rose gold moon charm and a floral glitter accents.


(Skull colors will vary, they are picked at random)


9oz soy/coconut wax blend with swirled coloration wax

Always keep lit candles within sight 

Dia De Los Muertos Goddess Candle


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