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Luna- a Moon Goddess and channeling the divine feminine energy. As the Goddess of the moon, Luna was the patron of the feminine. She was believed to have power to ease childbirth and inspire love.


Luna is the Roman Moon Goddess, and while she's not known per se as a Goddess of Love, I felt compelled to add her to this collection due to her love of Endiymon. The myth of Lunaand Endymion is about a rare female pursuit. The moon goddess falls in love with the mortal Endymion. Endymion is said to be a shepherd, a hunter, or a king. Luna would visit her sleeping love in the night as she rode her moon chariot across the night sky. She would come down to earth just to be with the beautiful Endymion.

It takes sort of a dark twist in that Luna  wished to be with Endymion forever so she asked Jupiter to grant her lover eternal sleep so that she may visit him every night. Other translations claim that it was Endymion’s choice to remain unchanged and forever asleep.


It is also knownthe Romans  believed in the moon's connection to  femininity, childbirth and agriculture. Romans also believed the moon controlled many other facets of sublunar life including the wind, rain, tides, animal life, mineral growth and earthquakes.


 This 9oz Goddess candle boasts sultry notes of vanilla, warm sandalwarood, and hints of amber.

Florals include a miniature rose bud and pink azalea from Florida. 

A large clear quartz point and crushed pink quarts are the crystals  I chose to embody the elements of love in this Goddess candle which are accompanied by a rose gold moon charm and silver double hearts. 



Luna Goddess Candle


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