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Lupercalia - The Festival many often believe where the roots of Valentines Day celebrations came from, although varying opinions are found all around. This dark and somewhat bloody festival of  Ancient Rome was observed annually on February 15 to purify the city, promoting health and fertility. Lupercalia also known as the Feast of Lupercal, is derived not only from the Roman Fertility God, Lupercus but also from the name given to the cave where Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were alleged to have been nurtured by a she-wolf


The festival began at Lupercal Cave, which was believed to have been the home of the wolf that raised Romulus and Remus. The Luperci (the priests of Lupercus) got naked and slaughtered male goats and a dog in the cave. They ritualistically smeared themselves with blood in the process.

Then, they skinned the goats and took a nude tour around Rome’s Palatine Hill, hitting women with strips of fresh goatskin 

If you were one of the so- called "lucky" ladies who got smacked with animal skins, you would now be more fertile (or so they believed). This ritual might have been connected in some way to the sexual goat-god Pan, who, according to Ovid, was also celebrated during Lupercalia.

Some historians even think Lupercalia had a match-making element, for which men would draw the names of women out of a jar in a sort of sex lottery. Sometimes, the couple would only stay together for the festival, but, occasionally, the match would lead to marriage.

And, of course, since few Pagan celebrations were complete without a feast, the feast of Lupercal followed the ritual sacrifice.


This 9oz Goddess candle embraces essences of sweet and juicy fresh strawberry fields.

Florals include a dried organic hibiscus, bay leaves, and assorted cornflower petals 

A green agate slice is what I chose to embody the elements of love in this Goddess candle which is also  accompanied by a bronze crescent moon charm and gold heart.

Lupercalia Goddess Candle


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