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Ostara is a magical time ripe for setting intentions and planting seeds in all areas of our lives.

While we often think of Ostara as March 20th, Ostara is celebrated across 4 days from March 20 through March 23. This is the time when light and dark are equal in our days as we step into the period where days will become longer than nights. New life begins to take hold as a fresh cycle of fertility, growth, and development kicks off in all corners of our universe. Traditionally, Ostara is the first of the 8 sabbats comprising the Wheel of the Year and may be a modern celebration of ancient Spring rites, festivals, and ceremonies.


Bring in the NEW with this gorgeous Altar Kit to celebrate Ostara


You will receive the following: 


1 Herbal Smudge Bundle- white sage, white rose, babys breath, seasonal spring flowers

(bundle may vary depending on floral availability)


1 Ostara Blessings Vial- filled with crushed eggshells, moss, blue chalcedony & citrine crystal chips, peach blossoms, pink hydrangeas, tulip blossoms,  bronze bunny charm. Sealed with wax and imprinted with a celestial bunny seal. 


1 Ostara 4oz soy & coconut wax blend candle- swirled with pink coloration, & topped with clear quartz crystal chips, a celestial bunny charm, and peach floral blossoms


1 miniature terracotta pot & sleeve of sunflower seeds- Tradition is to plant seeds for bloom in Ostara! Plant these wild sunflower seeds as starters in this pot and transfer after they begin to sprout. The perfect altar practice 


1 Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal Egg- Gold Sheen Obsidian allows us to commune with the Source of all being, and to realign our personal power with the Divine to better direct our lives. It is useful for bringing out our hidden talents and to manifest our true calling. Eggs may vary in size, but average 1-1/2" -2"


Ostara Anointing Oil- Anointing oil can be used in your meditation practice, to anoint vandles, or add to the candle in this kit. All anointing oils are skin safe. 


Small faux nest with speckled eggs & natural flowers- A small nest accented with speckled eggs, dried fern, forget me nots, and local flowers I've harvested myself. 


Herbal Spring Tea Blend- A combination of chamomile, rose hips, lemon peel, orange peel, lemon myrtle


Fairy Spoon (colors will vary)


Miniature bunny figurine


1 metal feather (will vary with shipment in coloration- bronze, silver, or gold will be picked at random)



Ostara/Eostre is the Germanic goddess associated with Dawn and Spring – a time of new beginnings. The myths have it that Ostara is responsible for bringing Spring to our lands each year. One year she was late, partly because she found a dying bird in the snow, brought it back to life as a white hare, and named it Lepus. To honor the hare’s original bird-form, Ostara gave the hare the power to lay eggs one day a year. Once a year, the hare was permitted to give away its eggs to those attending the Ostara Spring festivals. Sound familiar? Yes- the modern day spin on this ancient tradition that paid homage to the Goddess Ostara is now observed as Easter.



How to use your altar items:

There is no “wrong” way to perform your personal ritual. The best rituals are done with a pure heart and desire for self improvement. You may even find yourself adjusting how you practice your ritual as time goes on and that is perfectly fine. Flow is necessary in all aspects of life.


Herbal Smudge Bundle:

To usher in the everchanging season of Spring, it is common to cleanse your home/workspace/area hence the term “Spring cleaning” that we are so familiar with. Utilizing your spring sage bundle to cleanse your home is perfect for this time of year. Refer to smudging card for specific directions.


Ostara Blessings Vial:

This vial is full of so many Spring elements! Crushed eggshell is thought to bring good luck and also protection of ones’ home. Natural moss is included as a homage to the greenery of Earth that is peeking thru during the Spring. Tulips, peach blossoms, and hydrangeas were my floral choices to brighten your spirit and bring joy. Blue chalcedony crystal chips are included and thought to bring emotional stability and promote emotional healing. Citrine chips are also a focal point and a stone of the sun, which is welcoming all of the change on planet Earth.  A bronze bunny charm is also included as the rabbit is the marker symbol of Ostara.


Golden Sheen Obsidian crystal egg:  Golden sheen obsidian allows us to commune with the source of all being, and to realign our personal power with the divine to better direct our lives. It is useful for bringing out our hidden talents and to manifest our true calling.


Ostara anointing oil: This anointing oil is skin safe. Try adding it to your pulsepoints prior to your meditation practice. A few drops to your bath, or apply to your skin after a shower while skin is still damp. Try dressing your taper candles with anointing oil, and rolling in herbs or botanicals before using.

Small Faux Nest with eggs & natural flowers- A nest filled with eggs is a tell-tale sign spring has arrived- new life! These little nests are also hand decorated with all natural preserved botanicals.


Herbal spring tea blend- A tea ritual is one of my favorites. There is so much comfort in selecting my favorite mug and making a cup of warm tea to enjoy. This blend combines chamomile, rose hips, lemon peel, orange peel, and lemon myrtle.


miniature bunny figurine- to further elaborate on the connection of Ostara and the hare,   she  was a fertility goddess from whom we derive the word “estrogen” and she is closely associated with fertility symbols such as eggs. The rabbit is known as a highly fertile creature and hence an obvious choice for Easter symbolism


Fairy spoon- for mixing your tea or any herbal ritual


Metal feather – A true symbol of spring. Feathers also symbolize spirit and ascension. It’s often thought that finding a single feather is a symbol of good luck.


Miniature terracotta pot & seeds- Planting flowers indoors is a great way to celebrate the rebirth of the earth



Ostara Sabbat Altar Kit


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