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Persephone- As queen of the underworld, she understands trauma, loss, shadow, mental illness, anguish, pain, and cold. As a goddess of spring growth, she knows how to guide people to the warmth of a new beginning. Awareness of renewal, living in cycles, and growing from pain are major wisdom teachings she bestows. 


The goddess Persephone served in many roles across Greek mythology. Her relationship with Hades remains one of the most infamous stories in the Greek mythological canon, specifically, the various versions of how Hades and Persephone came to be a couple. Additionally, as Queen of the Underworld, she played an essential part in multiple other great stories from Hercules and Orpheus to Sisyphus and beyond.


This 9oz Goddess candle exudes luscious pomegranate, sweet vanilla, and a sultry musk. 

Florals include pomegranate blossoms and black mallow flowers.

A huge black agate slice and red clear quartz crystal points are what I chose to embody the elements of love in this Goddess candle which are accompanied by a gold crescent moon charm & also a heart 


**please trim down and remove florals before burning**


Persephone Goddess Candle


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