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Samhain Goddess Candle



Samhain, a time to give thanks for the past year an for the rebirth that is coming in the Spring. It is a time for closure, goal- setting and gratitude.

There is much to embrace about Samhain, and it can be a beautiful time of connection. 

The spiritual realm is considered to be at it's thinnest during this time, so many soul and spirit connections may be made as intentions are set. 


This soy/coconut wax blend candle is scented with an intoxicating blend of warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Accented with a white turquoise skull, an apache tear crystal, moon charm, and glass chips. 

Apache tear is a powerful grounding stone that heals grief and offers protection. These unique stones are in the obsidian family and have the power to protect from negative forces. 

Samhain Goddess Candle- Wheel Of The Year


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