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Venus- the Goddess embodiment of all faces of love 


Venus is known as the face of sexual love, a powerful beam of femnitiy wrapped in beauty and lust. 

Love has many facets, it can be fierce, passionate, impulsive even painful but it can also nurturing, selfless and rejuvenating. It all depends on how you approach it. Much like Venus, some view her as shallow and flighty, while others see the multifaceted character underneath and like love, she has hidden depths, proving herself time and time again that she is not restricted nor boxed in by her role as the goddess of love and beauty.


This 9oz Goddess candle embraces essences of crisp citrus, sweet mango, and light florals.

Florals include German statice, lavender, and forget me nots.

Rainbow aura quartz and amethyst are the crystals I chose to embody the elements of love in this Goddess candle which are accompanied by a silver crescent moon charm. 


**please trim down and remove florals before burning**


Venus Goddess Candle


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