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White Druzy Snow Agate Obelisk



Average weight: 3.3oz

Average size 3-1/4" - 4"



Average weight: 2- 2.4oz 

Average size: 2-1/2"


Healing Properties:

White Agate has been known to enhance intuition. The milky witness of the stone brings good fortune and good energy in difficult situations. It can also help you avoid bad or harmful situations and instead bring new people into your life for the better. 

White Agate can open new doors for opportunities in your life and ground you at the same time. It has been known to improve your mental functions and allow you to think more clearly. The white color of this type of Agate is associated with purity, calmness, and peace. 


Affirmation: " I am embracing the life changes and knowing all is for the greater good"



White Druzy Snow Agate Obelisk


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